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The Fun1st project began in 2013 to combat the growing health crisis among children in NYC. With the increase in diagnosis of preventable diseases such as diabetes and obesity, Fun1st provides programming that promotes the development of  healthy behaviors. Our program offers fun fitness and nutrition classes, covering a variety of issues facing students. We empower students, educators, and communities to take control of their health.

Fun1st supplements regular classroom instruction taking place inside and outside of school. In conjunction with local organizations, our program provides a safe and positive environment for students to explore healthy living. Creating mindful students is key to sustaining healthy schools and communities. 

Physical Fitness Classes

Studies have shown that an increase in physical fitness in an educational setting can promote positive self image and constructive behaviors throughout the school day. Fun1st fitness programs engage students in active play throughout the school day.

2018 School Year & Summer Projects: Operates Daily Monday - Saturday.  This includes, Health and Wellness, Dance, Yoga, Art, Science, and Fitness.


Nutrition Classes

Healthy minds start with healthy bodies.  Understanding the importance of eating right correlates directly to productive students and staff. Fun1st's nutrition programming utilizes nutrition lessons, to educate students on the benefits of being mindful of what they eat.

2018 School Year & Summer Projects:  Operates Daily Monday - Saturday.  This includes, Health and Wellness, Cooking, Table Etiquette, Nutrition Awareness, and Family Advocacy. 

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Yoga, Dance & Mindfulness Classes

Mindfulness matters! Studies suggest that yoga helps reduce anxiety and depression while increasing self-esteem and focus. Fun1st brings yoga programming that helps increase mindfulness in students.

2018 School Year Projects: Operates Daily Monday - Friday.